• Smoked over oak for rich yet balanced flavour
  • A special unique cure by La Crièe Israel
  • The perfect weekend treat

Smoked Salmon

25.00 ₪Price
100 Grams
  • There’s not much better than a smoked salmon bagel (aka lox)! Top with herb cream cheese for a stunning breakfast, brunch or lunch.

    so here is a short recipe for you,


    Here’s what you’ll need for this smoked salmon bagel recipe: 

    • Fresh bagels
    • Smoked salmon: from La Crièe Israel
    • Cream cheese
    • Capers
    • Red onion: Another classic topping that cannot be missed
    • Fresh dill sprigs: Dill adds fresh flavor and completes the look
    • Lemon wedge: Garnishing with a lemon wedge before eating adds just the right pop of acidity
    • Optional toppings: Thinly sliced English cucumber and tomato are also traditional on a smoked salmon bagel, but to us they’re not essential.