If fish were cars, tuna would be a Ferrari. 

You know the tuna I’m talking about. It appears to be glowing.

The firm, meaty texture and rich, distinctive flavor of fresh Ahi Tuna makes it one of the most popular seafood choices around the globe. Try the distinctive flavours of our tuna, only La Crièe Israel

Red tuna

18.90 ₪Price
1 Kilogram
  • Tuna steaks might have become more popular on menus since the later years of the 20th century but the fish has been highly prized since ancient times. The Phoenicians used to salt and smoke it, while in the Middle Ages tuna was pickled then cut up, roasted or fried in olive oil, salted and strongly spiced.


    Just like a beef steak, tuna steak can be served from extremely rare to well done, try it on a sandwitch.