Maruhon Sesame Oil is both well-known in professional kitchens around the world, and perfect for use at home. 
We hope that you will enjoy using sesame oil as a seasoning and choosing it according to your cooking.

Maruhon sesame Oil (100% pure sesame oil)

85.00 ₪Price
160 Milliliters
  • The intensity, mellowness, and appearance of sesame oil vary depending on the temperature at which sesame is roasted and the method of pressing. Lightly roasted for a soft aroma and light shade, and deep roasted for a strong aroma and dark shade.
    By using sesame oil with a light color and soft scent for tempura and marinade, you can finish it with a refreshing taste that makes the best use of the taste of the ingredients, and sesame oil with a strong dark color can be used as sauce, soup, and stir-fry oil. The result is an appetizing dish.